Volunteer Impact

Volunteer Impact

Venture Description

Impact reporting software for environmental conservation projects.

Key personnel

Sam Rye

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Latest Quarterly Update

13 April 16

We’ve been working to secure seed funding to build our MVP, whilst chipping away on wireframes and UX work.

Founding Date & Brief History

Volunteer Impact was named and founded in November 2013.

After making progress with Customer Discover and formulating the first designs for an MVP, Volunteer Impact was put on ice whilst Sam co-led Lifehack. In Nov 2015 we were double finalists in the WWF Conservation Innovation Awards which kicked off a fresh round of seed funding discussions with NZ entities. In Dec 2015, Sam moved to Australia where we continue to develop the product, so we’re ready to build when first seed funding is secured.

Legal structure

Limited Company, owned by Sam Rye.

Business Model

Currently not revenue generating.

Expected business model: enterprise sales to funders (impact intelligence dashboard), B2B SaaS to Conservation Groups (impact measurement tools).

Future aspirations: explore revenue streams for international volunteers, and for other added value in the “technology for environmental restoration” space.

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

Volunteer Impact seeks to make the world a little more wild.

By providing easy to use technology for Environmental Conservation Groups, we will improve the quality of their communication of their impact story… [Primary Output]

So that they will increase their funding, and improve their engagement of volunteers (especially younger ones)… [Primary Outcome]

This will mean they have more financial and human resource to carry out their restoration activities, and create more opportunities for people to get involved… [Secondary Outcome]

Which means that we will help a wider range of people reconnect with the natural world, and become more empathetic to the intrinsic and extrinsic value of ecosystems. [Impact Ripples]