Bucky Box


Bucky Box

Bucky Box is building cloud software for an emerging food system, one that solves the food distribution problem in ways that foster earth-friendly farming and resilience. It’s a social enterprise on a mission to foster a human food system that is supportive of the long term health of all living systems. A minimum of 67% of profits is reinvested into projects that further the company’s mission.

The Bucky Box story

Bucky Box is one of the first of the Enspiral startups, founded by early members of Enspiral. It grew from a simple project to help a local food delivery business simplify administrative tasks, the idea had legs and some enthusiastic people decided to lock themselves away in the woods for 12 days and out came another iteration of the app, this time built on scaleable cloud technology and went live in time to assist another food delivery business run an online promotion.



After some market validation and seed funding Bucky Box was officially ounded as a startup. The app was publicly introduced in November 2012 and has seen rapid adoption worldwide.

The Bucky Box Timeline

Bucky Box Timeline