Orientation Aotearoa

Venture Description

Orientation Aotearoa strives to support young people to gain knowledge, find direction and make change. In 2015, we prototyped an 8 months residential programme in Shelly Bay and supported a pioneering cohort of ten students through a diverse, nourishing and hopefully inspiring programme, consisting of various workshops, a six week internship, a 12 days intensive permaculture course off-side in Otaki, a personal project and a community wide hui.

Key personnel

Doris Zuur, Trustee of Orientation Aotearoa, doris.zuur@gmail.com, 027-2811570

Coordinating team 2015:

  • Babs Lake
  • Skye Chadwick
  • Lucy Carver
  • Thomas Burton

Links to website or other resources

Website: www.oa.org.nz

Latest Quarterly Update

14 April 2016

OA 2016 programme did not go ahead, as this residential format was not sustainable, financially, socially and energetically. Orientation Aotearoa is currently in a ‘dormant pause button’ phase, with key members Lucy Carver Skye Chadwick and Babs Lake being overseas, attending a conference at YIP (www.yip.se), a residential education programme for young people in Sweden which provided much of the inspiration for OA. The team will reconvene for a retreat the first weekend of June, to consider how and who will steward OA into the future.

Founding Date & Brief History

Orientation Aotearoa Trust was founded on the 3rd November 2014, and the pilot programme began in April 2015. (Founders: Thomas, Babs, Lucy, Skye and Doris)

Legal structure

Orientation Aotearoa is governed by a not-for-profit charitable Trust

Business Model

OA was financed user-pays (students) and donations

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

OA is supporting young people to find their task and purpose, lighting their fire! The focus is on experiential and holistic education, providing practical life skills and exposing to a wide range of people and skills, supporting their life, career and/or community contributions choices

Venture Stewards

Doris Zuur

Gina Rembe

Silvia Zuur

Enspiral Foundation Contribution


Cooking for Enspiral ventures and events, below commercial rates, at cost