Venture Description

We codesign experimental programmes that increase individuals’ sense of agency and capability for social change and wellbeing work, equipping them with tools to try new ways of approaching existing issues.

Key personnel

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Latest Quarterly Update

  • April 2016
  • In the last quarter we’ve hosted our first community retreat and did a big piece of work with Sovereign Insurance and Youthline Manukau.

Founding Date & Brief History

Lifehack is part of the Social Media Innovation Fund, a publicly funded initiative improving young people’s wellbeing by connecting them to services and initiatives that benefit their wellbeing.

Legal structure

Contract held by Enspiral Foundation, not a separate legal entity.

Business Model

MSD-funded to this point, select pieces of consulting work.

Social Impact Strategy / Theory of Change

Lifehack positively influences the mental health and wellbeing ecosystem by supporting and building the people who work with or for the wellbeing of young people in New Zealand. Lifehack exists as the platform for experimentation when it comes to pushing the ‘how’ of improving wellbeing systemically, investigating the driving forces of the issues and building on them coming from a place of strength.

We are working towards increasing the probability of positively influencing the wicked issue of wellbeing by through experimentation, reflection, learning and iteration. We draw and learning, lessons and techniques from a variety of areas, and sit at the intersection of wellbeing science, design, technology and startup world resulting in new approaches being developed for a positive social purpose and common good.

We support individuals, communities, organisations and government who work with and for young people to codesign relevant and appropriate systems and interventions by putting young people at the centre of what they do. Lifehack exists to build the capability and capacity for those who work with young people and on youth wellbeing.

We focus on working with with those who have deeply-rooted connections to certain communities and the issues which they’re affected by. These may be individuals, initiatives, or organisations. We facilitate programmes and social processes as safe spaces for reflection, upskilling and prototyping for those who are connected to them.

Venture Stewards

  • Gina Rembe
  • Chelsea Robinson
  • Elizabeth Goodwin

Enspiral Foundation Contribution

  • $45,000 per year + non-financial