Enspiral is a virtual and physical network of companies and professionals brought together by a set of shared values and a passion for positive social impact. It’s a collection (and collective) of entrepreneurs and freelancers who don’t want to work alone. At its heart, it’s a group of people who want to co-create an encouraging, diverse community of people trying to make a difference. For more see the About Enspiral page.

Enspiral started as a small group of contracting computer programmers who wanted to organise their working life to put more time and energy into making a positive social impact. Then it started to attract a much larger, diverse group of professionals who also shared these social values. What evolved was a network of unique companies and individuals, with different skills, focuses, and ways of working.

Now there are a range of Enspiral Ventures, independent companies that maintain a voluntary relationship with the Enspiral Foundation. The Enspiral Foundation supports the whole network and holds the social mission vision of Enspiral – more people working on stuff that matters. The Foundation shareholders are the Enspiral members, who each have one share, and its budget is made up of voluntary financial contributions from the ventures. The legal structure is a limited liability company with a charitable constitution, meaning it’s not a profit making entity and all funds are reinvested.

Enspiral is a diverse range of humans with aligned goals and values. This diversity is awesome because different people need different kinds of support to do the work that matters to them.

Enspiral is generally unstructured, and tries to maximise both collaboration and autonomy. If you’re an independent, entrepreneurial person with a deep commitment to service and social change and want to discover your own way to have an impact alongside like-minded people, Enspiral is fertile ground. But you’ll need to find your own way, and there’s no induction programme.

You can expect support from your steward, but remember, Enspiral doesn’t employ anyone – it’s up to you to put on your explorer’s cap and find your way into a conversation, a working group, or a project.

Enspiral is a network primarily based on high-trust, personal relationships. We try to be as open and welcoming as possible to create a low barrier to entry, but at the same time, we don’t have a drive to do recruitment. We don’t really offer job opportunities. Everyone here has found their own way in, and their own livelihood to support them to do the work they are passionate about.

Some people get involved through working with one of the Enspiral Ventures. If you want to talk to someone at Enspiral, you can contact us and tell us about yourself and we’ll try to connect you up to someone on an ad-hoc basis.

“Joining Enspiral” means becoming a Contributor and being invited into our online communications platforms and to participate in collective decision-making. Find out how Enspiral Contributors and Members join and relate to the network, and the expectations that come with participation in the collective here.  To become a Contributor, you need to be invited by an Enspiral Member.

One great way to keep up with what we’re doing and find out about events and opportunities is through social media: keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter.

Culture is  the heart of Enspiral – people choose to be part of a community and deeply respect and trust each other. Twice a year there are retreats when everyone goes away for a few days of bonding.

We have a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion here, which we take seriously and celebrate.

Enspiral is a flat organisation and extremely collaborative – there is no traditional management hierarchy. You might say it’s essentially anarchist, in the best sense of the term.

Enspiral is an experiment. We are good at trying new things, failing early and learning quickly. We are continuously evolving. It’s a laboratory of innovations – social enterprise is an emerging sector where no one has the answers yet, and our approach is to encourage autonomous experimentation with company structures and business processes.

We develop new tools to make this collaboration more efficient and then open-source them. Enspiral’s pattern has been to identify a core organisational process and then figure out how to make it more collaborative, from decision-making to budgeting to strategy setting. Our culture is highly influenced by agile software development and the structure of the internet itself, with interconnected nodes and free-flowing information.

To keep up with current news, events, and opportunities, see our Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to dig deeper, read the Enspiral Handbook – our growing collection of documentation, agreements and processes.

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