More people working on stuff that matters

Collaboration, autonomy, transparency, diversity, entrepreneurialism, non-hierarchy

Enspiral, more people working on stuff that matters
The Network

The Enspiral Network

Social enterprise ventures and social entrepreneurs working together with shared vision and values


Collaborative Decision-Making

Diverse perspectives come together to make decisions online, enabling shared understanding and collective action

Co Budget

Collaborative Funding

Projects to support the network and its vision are funded using a transparent participatory budgeting process

Levels of engagement

Levels of Engagement

Foundation – Collectively owned by the members

Foundation Members – Invite ventures, contributors, and new members

Contributors – Involved in decision-making and collaboration

Friends & Partners – Wider ecosystem of supporters

Enspiral Network – Community of people and ventures

spaces for collaboration

Spaces for Collaboration

People come together online and offline to work and learn together in a supportive environment

Enspiral’s Evolution

Enspiral’s Evolution

1. A vision to make the world a better place through meaningful work

2. Diverse professionals drawn together by shared values

3. A network of companies connected through the Foundation

4. Open-sourcing innovative participatory tools and processes

Our journey so far


Enspiral Founded. Primarily a collective of individuals doing contract work together and excited by ...
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We started launching companies and the words Social Enterprise entered our vocabulary. We moved into...
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We began to scale. A support crew of full time staff tried to steer the ship. We made our first Loom...
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The support crew quit, ushering in the era of true decentralised decision-making. We started Collabo...
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We grew to 150 contributors, continued to improve internal communications and processes, new compani...
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We grew to 300 contributors and began refactoring our core agreements to handle our new scale.
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