How do people get involved?

Enspiral is a network primarily based on high-trust, personal relationships. We try to be as open and welcoming as possible to create a low barrier to entry, but at the same time, we don’t have a drive to do recruitment. We don’t really offer job opportunities. Everyone here has found their own way in, and their own livelihood to support them to do the work they are passionate about.

Many people get involved through working at Rabid Space (formerly Enspiral Space), which often hosts drinks on Fridays where everyone is welcome. You can also come along to events with Social Enterprise Wellington, a meetup group jointly hosted by Akina and Enspiral. Other people get involved through working with one of the Enspiral Ventures. If you want to talk to someone at Enspiral, you can contact us and tell us about yourself and we’ll try to connect you up to someone on an ad-hoc basis.

“Joining Enspiral” means becoming a Contributor and being invited into our online communications platforms and to participate in collective decision-making. Find out how Enspiral Contributors and Members join and relate to the network, and the expectations that come with participation in the collective here. To become a Contributor, you need to be invited by an Enspiral Member.

One great way to keep up with what we’re doing and find out about events and opportunities is through social media: keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter.