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Collaboration Cafe is a facilitation tool that brings together groups of people to kick-start and progress purposeful projects

Get good brains working together on projects early to start well, open up new perspectives, and bring the generosity of the crowd to bear on problems worth solving. Collaboration Cafe is a blue print for gathering and working together on all kinds of awesome initiatives, and we’ve packaged up all our learnings for you in this free ebook.


Collaboration Café was curated by a team of passionate people in Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. 

After three years of coffees, collaborative social processes, work with Enspiral, deep conversations and reflection, we have decided to gift Collaboration Café, along with our learnings and experiences, to the world.

In this e-book, you’ll learn everything you need to run your own Collaboration Cafe, including tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way.

We’ve gifted Collaboration Café as an open source tool to the world because we truly believe that it helps projects gain momentum, gain exposure, strengthen and develop depth, and then go out into the world to become whatever they are destined to be.

By open sourcing Collaboration Café, we appreciate and encourage freedom of customisation. Please, put Collaboration Café in your toolbox, experiment with it, and from your experiences, nurture the parts that you find useful, and change the parts you don’t.

The original Collaboration Cafe team – Seth, Silvia, Chelsea, Sam, Sophie, Brittany

Made with bucket loads of help and support from Ants Cabraal (Producer), Rachelle Smith (Designer), and Jenna Ash (Writer).


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